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Unlike many people, which are following the manual brewing hype and dropping espresso in turn, I really like espresso. I like it for what it is. Espresso isn’t just a drink where aromas are packed more densely. The viscosity and the mouthfeel of the drink are some of the aspects making me love espresso that much. And no, it isn’t all about the viscosity. A good espresso lingers around for a long time, showcasing long lasting aromas, something you can’t get from a filter or otherwise manually prepared brew.

Since coffee has become more popular in Germany many roasters and coffee shops are opening up. Some of them are doing really good and most of them – don’t. Having a look where we are coming from helps understanding why some people think that they are doing great. In the past espresso was all about dark roast, charcoal, burned rubber, whatever. Offering light roasts, either as a roaster of coffee shop, seems to be the solution to separate oneself from the crowd. But instead of destructing coffee by roasting too dark they are doing the opposite, don’t roast it properly at all.

Roasting coffee is something that requires knowledge. Just dropping beans into the roaster and getting them out early isn’t what the “new way” is all about. If your coffee tastes greenish/grassy, it sucks. This is no different to roasting to dark, it is just a lack of knowledge and capability.

Beside this, there is another truth: you can’t brew espresso using stale coffee! Trust me, you can’t. No, you can’t. You can use your equipment to brew something but it wouldn’t be an espresso. Five to ten days of rest after roasting are ok, use it within the following two weeks. If you are getting used to good qualities that are fresh and at their peaks you will see how quality declines as time passes by.

Espresso can be the pure joy, approach it properly. Don’t jump to the next drink category and claim it to be the holy grail just because you didn’t figure out how to prepare espresso to its full potential.

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