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Posted:  February 22nd, 2011 by:  wolfram comments:  3

David Walsh, known to be a carnivore par excellence and author of the blog, asked me about a list of coffee shops and roasteries in Germany that are representing the “state of the nation”. This really is a tough one since I don’t want to be seen as a judge for German coffee. Nevertheless, there are a few places that I recommend just because I know them very well and have been there many many times.

The coffee shops you will find on the list meet two criteria, that are important to me: proficient baristas and the availability of speciality coffee. The roasteries that are on the list are also known for selling speciality coffee and are roasting to highlight terroir specific characteristics. Please see the list as it is: an incomplete list of coffee places, representing the places I know and like.

Coffee Shops



Posted By: Cathel On: October 04, 2011 At: 8:55 am

The owner of the terrific Kaffee Alchemie in Salzburg told us you might be able to help us find good coffee places in Munich… so far we haven’t found anything to be excited about.
Any tips?!

Posted By: wolfram On: October 09, 2011 At: 1:50 pm


near Munich you can find Supremo (see link above), you can have great coffee there. I don’t know any other places but would be happy if you find something to be noteworthy.


Posted By: Laurent On: September 19, 2014 At: 6:16 am

Thank you for the list, it is really helpful! Would you add anything to that list three years later?

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