Hail to Barista Competitions

Posted:  February 20th, 2011 by:  wolfram comments:  0

There are many things for whom I am thankful about barista competitions. The comradery is unbeaten, on every event you get to know more and more people and the best thing is: they are from around the world. Thanks to Facebook and twitter you can stay in touch throughout the year until the next “gathering” is just a stone’s throw away. But this is not what I want to bring to your attention here.

In the past years I started participating in the German Barista Championships and I am putting more and more effort into this. As many of you know already, we formed a group (you can find us here: www.radical-coffee.de) for training together for the competition, sharing ideas as well as frustration, looking for and finding great coffees together. We are not backed up by anybody, it is just us. Paying and paining for ourselves. Last year we did quite well, capturing the top four places of the German competition, crowning Tom Schweiger to be the national champion of 2010 and doing an incredible 12th place on the World Barista Championships in London, the best result for Germany so far. I am so proud of what Tom achieved, what we as a team achieved in general (nevertheless: Tom, this year you will be beaten!). All this was an amazing journey by which we felt that were able to grow way beyond what we knew so far about coffee.

Why I am writing this?

I want to encourage you, to start your journey into competition as well. Yes, you should be eager and willing to win. And don’t you dare to think about winning the nationals only, think big, try winning the worlds. But don’t forget that all this is about learning experiences. Even if you don’t grap the title yourself (which I couldn’t do by now) the reward you get by participating is remarkable anyway. After being able to try many of the coffees and signature drinks of the many participants of the World Barista Championships in London backstage, I was truly amazed. There was variance, sensory experiences, remarkable moments, it was all there. After London I needed some time to process all the data gathered to get valuable information out of it but boy, did I learn. What I want to say to you is, that if you are open minded the best thing for learning und doing large leaps are barista competitions. Get it on Germany, be a part of it!

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